Welcoming our new Overwatch coach Mikael Skjonhaug

In order to push the boundaries of skill and competition, we very excited to welcome Mikael Skjonhaug as the Head Coach of Talon Esport’s Overwatch Team. Formerly of Luminosity Gaming, Mikael has extensive experience in coaching and competing at the highest level. He will join Ben Tien as part of the coaching staff and assist with player development, strategy and mentoring. Mikael will be preparing the team for Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch League.

“I am very excited about being given the opportunity to work with such talented and dedicated group of players. I am also looking forward to be a part of a very new project driven by very professional people almost unlike anything I have seen so far in the industry”

If you are interested in Overwatch strategy and would like to like our page for future videos and articles from Mikael.