Talon Esports signs an Overwatch Squad

Talon Esports is proud to announce the signing of its very first Overwatch team. Having scouted the landscape for a number of months, we have handpicked 6 players who embody the competitive spirit, drive and team values that will allow for Talon to compete at the very highest levels of play and promote esports throughout the region. The team comprises of players from Hong Kong and Taipei:

  • Moowe – extremely talented DPS/carry from Hong Kong with an extensive social media following, Moowe is a top 500 ranked players in Asia. From Hong Kong, he was invited by Blizzard to be part of the Overwatch World Cup Squad.
  • WSLeo – a rising star in Taiwan, WSLeo is another extraordinarily talented DPS player in the top 500. Skilled particularly in Genji and Soldier 76, we will look for his star shine brightly over the years to come.
  • Mix – flexible player skilled in a number of characters, Mix will mainly focus providing support and versatility for the team. From Hong Kong, he was also invited by Blizzard to be part of the Overwatch World Cup Squad.
  • Smallpon – one of Asia’s best Ana players, Smallpon will look to have major impact on the offensive and defensive ends of the game. Invaluable asset who is looking to improve on his game.
  • Lunch – Having extensive tournament experience, placing highly in many locally in Taiwan, Lunch will look to play a flexible role in the team.
  • Yuri – a 2016 Blizzard Collegiate Champion and Yuri will be playing in a flexible role focusing mainly on tank roles within the team.